Yaya's Halloumi Cheese Caprese Salad

Yaya's Halloumi Cheese Caprese Salad

Recipe serves 2


1pkg of Yaya Cheese

1 Heirloom tomato Or Steakhouse tomato

5-7 Fresh Basil leaves

2 TBSP Extra Virgin Olive oil

1-½ TBSP12 yr gold label Balsamic or reduced balsamic vinegar

1 TBSP Honey

Flaky sea salt

Fresh cracked pepper


Rinse and wash cheese with cold water. Take cheese and dry with paper towel and cut crosswise ½ in thick slabs. Set aside cut cheese and cut heirloom crosswise getting nice round slices; you are looking for about ⅓ in to ½ in thick slices should get about 3-5 slices dependent on how big the tomato is.

In a medium fry pan add a 1 TBSP of cooking oil into the pan and set heat to medium heat. Let it heat for about 1-2 mins and then add in cheese.  Pan frying both sides till golden brown. Once fried on both sides set cheese on plate with paper towel. 

To arrange on a plate you want to start with tomato first, then cheese, lastly basil leaf. Repeat for desired amount on plate I suggest 2-3 time. Then drizzle olive oil, balsamic, and honey going in a zig zag or circle to cover salad. Then Sprinkle flaky sea salt and fresh cracked pepper and enjoy. 

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